May 122011

Residents of new luxury condos in Downtown Brooklyn are getting organized. Reportedly a force of as many as 15,000, they are holding meetings and launching online forums in which they are articulating their interests, and strategizing about how to get decision-makers to act. Everything from neighborhood aesthetics to crime is on the table. An important question–not overlooked by some of the condo resident organizers themselves–is how this newly emerging constituency will interact with Downtown Brooklyn’s existing community, particularly those living in nearby public housing. The evolving role of the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership and Metrotech BID as managers of potential conflict between these different groups will also be worth keeping an eye on.


May 102011

Last week, members of the My Brooklyn team sauntered over to Dumbo, Brooklyn to meet up with Phillip Shung and his crew at Sundree – a brand management and graphic design firm. Sundree’s founders are born and raised Brooklynites who have significant local ties and a passion for creativity. Their interests particularly overlap with ours because they are doing a project with the Brooklyn Historical Society about the history of the abolitionist movement and underground railroad in downtown Brooklyn. When we heard about what they are doing in that regard, we thought immediately of how Brooklyn: The Game could incorporate a walking tour/ game about this overlooked aspect of the borough’s past. We also met up with Sundree folks to ramp up our development of a future Kickstarter campaign that we’re planning to help fund an editor for My Brooklyn. They had some great ideas that we will definitely incorporate, including interviewing some big name folks who will talk about what BK means to them and the changes they’ve seen. So be sure to look out for that in the near future.

In other news, Lisa Willis is now Co-Producer on My Brooklyn, and as you can see in the pics from the meeting, she’s already getting to work. Lisa has both a producing background and years of experience as a intellectual property attorney.  She is also a mom, taught children with special needs, and ran a preschool/afterschool program in Harlem. We are thrilled to have such a multifaceted and dynamic person on-board. You can find out a bit more about Lisa on the crew bio page.

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