Nov 142012

I just got this quote about My Brooklyn from Don Mitchell, Distinguished Professor of Geography at Syracuse University, and had to share it:

For those of us who teach about gentrification, I cannot imagine a better resource than My Brooklyn. The film makes painfully concrete just what rent gaps are, how they are produced, and the machinations developers, semi-public officials, and politician engage in to fill them up, thereby creating the upper-class monoculture – and privatized riches – gentrification invariably has as its goal and result. Made just as concrete are the struggles engaged in by working class people, small-time merchants, and others who seek to resist being displaced by – and ultimately pay the costs of – these machinations. Anyone who cares about real cities, and real rights to the city, needs to get their hands on a copy of My Brooklyn.

Don is well known for his writings about public space, and is one of those awe-inspiring recipients of a MacArthur Genius Award, so I am happy he’s happy with our film.

Thanks Don!