Oct 132013

Change is in the air in NYC! We have an exciting election coming up in New York City – and it’s been great to hear the themes of My Brooklyn echoing through the campaign rhetoric! We even issued an endorsement in the primary – for Carlos Menchaca, who was running to be the democratic candidate for City Council in Sunset Park/Red Hook. Carlos, who will likely become the first Mexican American and openly gay City Council rep, beat Sara Gonzalez, the council candidate with the most support from the Real Estate lobby’s PAC. We like to think that the film, and all the great work you have done screening it and talking about the issues over the past year, have played some small part in putting issues of inequality and development on the agenda.

In other news, My Brooklyn continues to screen often, to large and smaller crowds. This week we will be at the Architecture and Design Film Festival in New York (Thursday and Saturday, Oct. 17 & 19, at 9:30pm). Kelly will be speaking after each screening and also part of a free panel called “Brooklyn Renaissance for All?” Please come and spread the word.

We are also super excited to be kicking off a section on Brooklyn at the Creative Time Summit. The theme this year is “Art, Place and Dislocation in the 21st Century City,” and the lineup of speakers and projects looks like it will provide an opportunity for some provocative and interesting discussions about art, urbanism, and social change.

Finally, there will be a “Brooklyn Gentrification” boat tour on Saturday, Nov. 2 (1:45pm)! Kelly and Arthur Platt from the AIA (American Association of Architects) will take folks for a ride along the Brooklyn waterfront, shedding light on the impact of development along Brooklyn’s post industrial waterfront from Sunset Park to Greenpoint. Tickets and more info here.

We hope you are having a great fall, and thanks as always for your interest, enthusiasm and action!

Kelly and Allison

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