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Happy New Year My Brooklyn community,

Great news – My Brooklyn is going to be on TV on Tuesday, January 14th!

The screening is part of the PBS series America ReFramed, curated by the American Documentary team (the producers of POV). America ReFramed brings nonfiction independent films to the airwaves and cable, showcasing films that give viewers a “snapshot of the transforming American life — the guts, the glory, the grit of a new and changing America.”

Most of the screenings are on PBS World channels, but some regular stations, like WGBH in Boston, are showing it on their main channels too. To find out if you have PBS World via broadcast or cable, go to http://worldchannel.org/schedule/localize/ and enter your zipcode. The program you are looking for is America reFramed and the date for My Brooklyn is Jan. 14th, 2014. It’s not as complicated as it sounds, and there are some other amazing documentaries on the series so it’s worth knowing how to find it.

My Brooklyn will also be streaming free from the America ReFramed site for a month (details coming up on that).

Thanks, as always, for all your support. And best wishes for 2014!

Kelly & Allison

  3 Responses to “My Brooklyn on TV Jan. 14th!”

  1. I was very happy to catch most of the January 14 broadcast. Great work , thank you. It is heartbreaking to think how much is destroyed by our “dollar-ocracy” Greed and profit always trumps good intentions. Our sustainable future above all needs to be a liveable future – for everyone. Unrestrained development destroys the vibrant diversity of cities. I hope there will be more effort given to preserving neighborhoods and culture in great places like Brooklyn. We need to believe in a better future for neighborhoods everywhere and work to make it happen. This film proposes that we can cut through the professional nonsense and see bad policy and bad planning for what it is. I’m Looking forward to opportunity to see this program again and turn others on to it also.

  2. Having just watched the documentary, I am reminded of how the Communist government in China have bulldozed thousands of homes and historic neighborhoods in pursuit of a modern China with its urbanizing cities of high-rise towers and corporate logos. But here we are in the USA, and the effects are uncannily and sadly the same. What a sad indictment where our democratic values have been subverted to enrich the powerful and wealthy few at the expense of most everyone else. Many decades earlier, I am reminded that Jane Jacobs fought earlier battles to preserve such vibrant and diverse neighborhoods from the ambitions of the City and its developers. How clearly we have forgotten those lessons and no less from same City and the same city officials who claim Jacobs as one of its heroes today.

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