Aug 302011

Team MY BROOKLYN is thrilled to announce that as of earlier today, we made our $20,000 kickstarter goal ahead of schedule! We cannot thank our wonderful and generous backers enough for helping us get there. We could not have done it without each and every one of them! In addition to allowing us to hire Kathryn Barnier to edit the film (she will start in two weeks), the outpouring of goodwill over the past two months has energized us, and we are more convinced than ever that this film needs to be made. We look forward to continuing the conversation, in person and virtually, that has begun as a result of all of us joining together during this effort. We’ll continue to provide updates on the final days of our campaign, and also, of course, on our progress with MY BROOKLYN – we can’t wait to get back to work on the film! Also: we still have four days left in our campaign, so there is still time to pledge and/or spread the word if you were planning on it. Kickstarter lets us keep any extra funding we raise, which we will need for additional finishing expenses such as archival footage rights and sound mixing. We promise to put any extra support to good use!

A big huge thanks again from all of us!
Allison, Fivel, Kelly, Lenford, and Lisa

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