Sep 022012

Today’s New York Times article celebrates the arrival of national chains to Fulton Mall, including a number not mentioned in My Brooklyn because they hadn’t arrived yet: Sephora, Sugar & Plumm, American BBQ and Beer Co. and a Potbelly Sandwich Shop. The other day I saw a new Seattle Coffee franchise as I was traveling through.

In the Times articles, the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership’s Thomas Conoscenti is quoted as saying “For a very long time, retail in the neighborhood was very fragmented, but there will now be a connection of all the retail corridors creating a unified pedestrian shopping experience.” To this reader, that seems like code for “The people who live in the upscale communities surrounding Fulton Mall won’t have to cross through a working class black space anymore to get to restaurants on Smith Street or to Trader Joe’s on Atlantic Avenue.”

A staff member from the Partnership was seen at a recent screening of My Brooklyn in Park Slope. Wondering what the report-back was on that one!




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  1. Too bad “My Brooklyn” is not close captioned! I’d love to see it but I can’t because I’m deaf.

    • it will be soon. once i finalize the music we will do a big professional duplication run and it will be close captioned. no worries!

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