Bay Area Video Institute 2011 – Brooklyn the Game:

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  1. Where can I see this movie?

    • Hi, we have an upcoming screening on July 25th at 7pm as part of Filmwax’s Brooklyn Reconstructed series featuring films about gentrification and development in Brooklyn. I will also put you on a list for email updates and we will add a page to this site for upcoming screenings. Thanks for the interest!

  2. I’ve been in Thailand for five years now but was in Brooklyn before I came here and I would love to see your film. When will it be up on the web for streaming. YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, now RottenTomatoes … lots of options.

    Hope you’ll make it available to us deprived ex-Brooklynite ex-patriates!
    Tx, P-

  3. I have seen the trailer of MyBrooklyn. Im an ex-Brooklynite born in Bushwick who has relocated to Florida 8 years ago. As most ex-pats, we moved because we couldnt afford to live there anymore. All over NYC poor working class people and moderate income professionals will not be able to afford Brooklyn or any other borough in the next decade. As a professional and graduate of City College and Brooklyn College , I have seen the decline of diversity since Mid 90’s. As a child of working class immigrants, we were used to moving all over the city to affordable housing in the ealry 70’s and mid-80’s. I grew up around all the nations of the world in Brooklyn and NYC. Now, the options have become limited. Under the guise of cleaning up crime, NYC and Brooklyn communities have been destroyed and families relocated to other parts of the country or the city, in the search for employment, community , and affordable housing. When a family of 4 lived in a 2 bedroom apartment, now one person resides paying upwards of 3,000 . I would love to see the movie when it becomes available. I will always be a Brooklynite wherever I live. Thank you.

  4. I’m a researcher at the University of Virginia doing work on urban space. I was wondering how I might go about getting a personal copy of the film? I don’t want any commerical rights or access (of course) I’d just like to see the film for private viewing. If you can suggest any other films that address similar issues, that would be great too.

  5. Could you please send me informations on how to purchase a copy of this film? Thank you in advance!

  6. Hi I would like to purchase a copy for my private viewing. How do I
    go about purchasing a copy thanks

    • Hi, I can sell you a copy for home use (not educational or public exhibition) for $25 including postage. If you want to go ahead, I’ll send a payment request via paypal. Thanks! Kelly

  7. There are two components to that issue. One is Social Economic, the other is displacement of people. Displacement occur when social economic viability of people cannot accommodate for the rising cost of development. Technological & Social development within a given district raises the property value of home owners within that district. For that reason any plan plan that is aimed to develop a neighborhood by building a new structure is in the best interest of home owners within that district. From that perspective, We can see how the people may be divided around that issue.

    Furthermore, Structural Development within a given district increases property tax of that district. Thus, making it more expensive for businesses & home owners in that district. They now have to increase rent to accommodate for this increase in taxes. Business owners will increase price to accommodate for the increase in rent.

    Arrangements can be made to minimize on the amount of people being displaced by way of rent stabilization & property tax arrangements with the City. It would have benefited renters & business owners of the old neighborhood. But if sales for business owners of the old neighborhood decrease because the new occupants are Not buying, We couldn’t end that these businesses should continue to exist if they’re Not making any profit. The home owners of the old neighborhood will look to maximize profit by selling or raising rent because of an increase in demand. In that sense displacement is Not solely the cause of developers, but also the cause of an increase in demand.

    I think offering home stabilization to some people of the old neighborhood within the new structures that are being build is a good idea. However, there’s a great possibility that those in home stabilization would seek to sell or rent their properties to those who are more fortunate because of the increasing demand that the new structure attracts.

    It may be true that the system need more oversight to ensure better social and economic transactions, but the law of supply and demand will prevail whenever the propensity to make profit is possible. I understand the emotional attachment that the people have for the neighborhood. After all they’re the one who build it, and make it attractive of foreigners. Nonetheless, I think it’s also relevant if We understand the economic impact of the issue & why there’s a tremendous need to raise the cost of living standard in those areas. I am Not against rent stabilization, I understand the need to be concern about displacement. This is an economic movements of wealth distribution, and the original owners of the neighborhood need to be a participant of it.

  8. When will streaming be available? I do not understand. Surely there are plenty of people, myself included, that are willing to pay to watch this movie right now but that option does not exist. Look forward to seeing it but hope to process speeds up

    • Working on it! There are a lot of factors that influence when we can make it available for streaming. In the meantime, if you want to purchase a DVD you can email us through the website. It’s $25 including shipping.

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