To purchase a copy of My Brooklyn for educational use (DVD or streaming), use this link. If your institution subscribes to the Kanopy streaming platform, you can view the film here.

If you are an individual (and not showing the film in a classroom or at a public screening), you can stream My Brooklyn through Vimeo-on-Demand. You can purchase a DVD copy for $25 (including postage) by emailing kelly@mybrooklynmovie.com

Director Kelly Anderson, Producer Allison Lirish Dean, and some of the people who appear in the film are available for speaking. For more information, please contact kelly@mybrooklynmovie.com



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  1. I live in Paris France and would like to order a copy of the film. Is this possible and what would be the cost.


    I am also sending a copy of this email to Kelly

  2. I would like to purchase a copy of the film

  3. […] My Brooklyn is a gentrification documentary, but instead of focusing on hotbeds like Williamsburg or Bushwick, director Kelly Anderson chooses instead to focus on Downtown, which is sometimes overlooked in the gentrification debate. Anderson, who moved to Brooklyn in 1988, is also cognizant of her status as a gentrifier, an admirable bit of self-awareness. The movie isn’t angry or self-righteous, instead letting its cast of characters, from local business owners and people on the street to politicians and developers give their views on what the Fulton Mall, and Brooklyn, were and what they should become. $25 from the My Brooklyn website […]

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