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mybrooklyn-ourcity-logo-smIntroducing … MY BROOKLYN, OUR CITY!

At every screening of My Brooklyn (more than 100 so far!) people ask us “Now that I’m convinced there’s a problem, what can I do?” After a lot of head scratching, and getting together with some of the best minds around on this, we have come up with an answer. It’s called “My Brooklyn: Our City” and there is a role for every single one of you who wants to take part in a campaign to strengthen our communities, build collective power and do what you can to make your neighborhood and city more equitable.

Here’s how it works:

We will make My Brooklyn available (on a sliding fee scale – $25 to $150) to anybody who wants to host a house party or screening. We will provide you with a Facilitator Packet which includes guidelines on hosting an event and strategies for facilitating dialogue after the screening. It will also include clear information, resources and next steps for making improvements around key issues raised by the film (like the need for affordable housing, subsidy reform, anti-displacement measures and making the planning process more transparent and accountable).

In return, you agree to:

  • Host the event
  • Get at least six people from your neighborhood or community to the screening
  • Facilitate a discussion of at least an hour (using the provided facilitator packet) about what your interests and goals are as a group, and how to take a next step towards reaching them. (You can find someone else to facilitate if you aren’t comfortable doing it.)
  • Refrain from copying the DVD or sharing the link with anyone else
  • Let us know how it went, and allow us to share your comments (with or without attribution) on our website and/or facebook page.

Please note that this arrangement does not apply to educators who want to use My Brooklyn in the classroom, libraries or community-based organizations (see separate pricing here for those). If you are a community-based organization with little or no budget that wants to participate, please email to make arrangements.

If interested in hosting a My Brooklyn, Our City event, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch with more details.

My Brooklyn, Our City Signup Form

My Brooklyn, Our City is cosponsored by FUREE, Right to the City, Good Jobs New York, Fifth Avenue Committee, the Pratt Area Community Council and the National Economic and Social Rights Initiative (NESRI).

Please email with any questions.

All the best,

Kelly & Allison

  4 Responses to “My Brooklyn Our City”

  1. Hey Kelly–Great idea! I’m going to be away until mid-July so early August would be better for me, but if you need it to be in July I can manage. I’d love to also host a screening at the Rent Strike Buildings but it would have to be subtitled or translated somehow. If you have any ideas about this, please let me know.

  2. Dear Kelly and Allison:

    How do I access the movie?

    I grew up int the 1960’s in Brooklyn Heights [just had a reunion of my classmates from PS 8 and 80 percent were black and from the Farragut Projects — we spoke of how when we were growing up, we had no sense nor did our parents that there was any racial/socio-economic/etc. divide].

    My father and mother were both City Planners.

    My dad was the Director of Operations for the NYC Planning Commission as well as the Director of the 1969 NYC Master Plan — a wonderful dare I say masterpiece and one I think that both you and your constituents/audience would love to look at. I have one of last remaining sets of this large publication and mean large — it comes in a gray container and within are in various colors thick 1,5″ by 1.5″ books on each borough].

    My mom worked initially for the Brooklyn Planning Commission specifically focused on Bed Sty. Then she worked with the Mayor’s Office of Operations, the NYC Housing Authority working in the projects to make the lives of the residents better, etc., etc. She also was an adjunct professor at Pratt Institute.

    Those of us who grew up in BH and the surrounding hoods as well as our parents and those who came before have been disturbed and have been having a continuum of discourses for decades about gentrification in our little neck of the woods as well.

    And yes, we all spent time in downtown Brooklyn — there were places like Nedicks, Zum Zums, A&S, a wonderful movie theatre — and all of this was experienced with no racial divide. I also know this personally because my mom is from South America.

    So, I commend you for what you are doing… it is documenting a process that has been going on for a long time. Many people — many white people and many mayors and other politicians worked as hard as they could to maintain a balance — sustaining the life of those who were disenfranchised while also uplifting their quality of life.

    So there is an amazing amount of history and many whites who stood side by side with their brothers and sisters working collectively to ensure that everyone in Brooklyn had as enriched an experience as they could and TOGETHER!

    I would gladly meet you and show you the Master Plan though it is quite heavy and speak with you because in a sense, at least from the trailer which seems to be the only thing available to watch, the whites who are speaking are all youngish and definitely not from Brooklyn [while there are so many that remain and would be such a rich source of history and information for you] while contrast the blacks and asians and latinos are from many generations.

    I always say that life is NOT black and white but shades of gray and the story of Brooklyn and what is going on now is complicated and could be more comprehensive if it were to carry through what happened before…

    I am rambling and need to get back to work but the only reason that I rambled is because I really am so glad that someone took the time and effort to make such a gift… you can go so much further and you will. For that I am sure.

    Jennifer Wallick [from Hicks Street]

  3. […] film, they wanted to do something, and have begun to self-organize screenings as a part of “My Brooklyn, Our City.” Perhaps this interest is a glimmer of hope in a landscape of such sweeping […]

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