Jul 312011

I’m proud to say that we’ve now topped the $12,000 mark in our Kickstarter campaign. And we just released our fifth update which features Co-Producer Lisa Willis and photographer Jamel Shabazz: http://vimeo.com/26866013. What better time than to tell you about a fundraising party that Filmwax is throwing at the Fifth Estate bar in Park Slope.

Celebrate & Participate! There will be Cocktails! A DJ! Dancing! And clips from the film!.

Meet the filmmakers, including the wonderful Kelly Anderson, and other special guests who are working on this project and the issues the film covers.

The party takes place on Thursday, August 25 from 6:00pm – 9:00pm at The Fifth Estate bar located at 506 5th Avenue, between 12th & 13th Streets, in Park Slope Brooklyn.

Jul 252011

Forgive me if I feel like breaking out in song, to Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer, but yeah, we’re (more than) halfway to our $20,000 Kickstarter goal, and it feels like we’re livin’ on a prayer.

With your help we can finish this film and get it out into the world, where it belongs, to do some good around making Brooklyn, and your city and more equitable, sustainable and diverse place to live.

For some key background info about the subject matter the film delves into, you can watch Producer Allison Lirish Dean talk about the 2004 Downtown Brooklyn rezoning and see clips from the film here:

My Brooklyn Kickstarter Video #2 from Kelly Anderson on Vimeo.

Jan 162011

Advisor Alyssa Katz (L) and Director Kelly Anderson at the BAVC Producers' Institute

In January we had the privilege of being in the Bay Area Video Coalition Producer’s Institute, where we developed the visual prototype for a geolocative, augmented reality smart phone game based on the information and themes in Lasting Scars. In Brooklyn: The Game, players will take their smart phones to Fulton Mall in Downtown Brooklyn, the site of some the most dense highrise new construction in the borough, and tour the area. At various locations, they will hear audio and video clips about the rich history of the area and the ways new development is radically changing the landscape. Using their phones’ cameras, players will be able to see graphical overlays that show them how places looked in the past, as well as geotags explaining the economics behind some of the new buildings (big public subsidies, no affordable housing requirements at the Oro Condo, for example). Stay tuned for more information as we create the actual game.